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Hotel Restaurant Consultancy
HORIZON CONSULTANTS will assist you in Hotel Consultancy
To carry on Site location Survey
To obtain Licenses & permissions
To decide Character of restaurant
To implement Cost policy
To design Menu
To provide Type of service
To allot Restaurant POS Software
To plan Circulation
To design Décor
To plan & design Table and seating arrangements
To design Furniture
To plan Ventilation and heating
To decide Safety and security policies
To consider policy of food buying, preparation and menu
To decide Catering policy
To plan Food storage
To do Kitchen Designing
To design Layout of equipment
To provide Engineering services
To provide Maintenance services
To apply Food hygiene Regulations
To plan Waste disposal
To plan food service
To design Bar
To provide bar equipments
To provide bar consultancy
To design wash up areas
To plan facilities to staff
To provide Liaison consultant.
To Plan & Provide Total Manpower.




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